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Monday, January 11, 2010

Music/Poetry/Fashion/Food/Travel--These are a few of my favorite things

Welcome to my blog.
You are invited in unless your are a pedophile or a racist, then you can piss off and go away.

So, this is a space to write about my favorite things as listed above, but my most favorite thing is writing.

Music--Radiohead--why they rule
Radiohead's music is like a strong drug. It overwhelms the senses. Once when I had the flu really bad I took this codeine cough medicine and hallucinated to Radiohead. There were Aztec images and ferris wheels and cats who were rugs but meowed when you stepped on them.
more on them later . . .

Poetry--The art of . . .
I edit two magazines, The Homestead Review, currently in its 10th year of publication,
Ping-Pong magazine, published by the Henry Miller library in Big Sur, California.

I also teach poetry, not that one can teach poetry, but we have a good time and lots of poetry is generally generated.

I also write poems and get them published on a regular basis, unless I don't send any out, which often happens though I've determined to be better at that this year. I often feel my life is too busy and there's lots of truth to that.

Here's a recent poem, it's like, you have to defend yourself for wearing high heels if you live in Santa Cruz, California, I guess this is my reaction.

I Love High Heels because They Make my Ass Look Good

I love high heels because they make my ass look good.

I know you think it’s a kind of foot binding and I can’t

really be a feminist if I rock the 5 inch stilettos, that I need

long gray hair and no make-up and Birkenstocks and a hemp-

seed vest. But, I have a pair of platform sandals that are all silver glitter.

In the swirl of the asphalt night, stars fall from my feet.

Fashion--baubles, bangles, beads, and shoes, yes lord, shoes
so in my profile picture I'm wearing a Hugo Boss dress and shoes by Steve something--not Madden, that I got in Rome. I love clothes, shoes, jewelry, and the whole gestalt of femininity. Not that I subscribe to anyone else's notions of it per se, just my own. I mean, my mom took me to kindergarten in a leopard skin jumpsuit, not a tacky huchie mama jumpsuit (though admittedly they have their place) but a classy, "I have a hot body and have no desire at all to look like all the other moms who are not wearing leopard jumpsuits. My mom was and is smokin' hot, though she's toned it down since becoming a grandmother. Here's a picture of her when she was seventeen.

Food-Hello, my name is Maria and I'm a foodaholic
I love to cook and eat good food. More on this obsession.

Travel--I just returned from Germany last week where I visited Munich, Neustadt, and Berlin. In 2009 I traveled to France:Provence, Paris, Mexico: Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula. I visited NYC twice, once with a sidetrip to Montauk to visit my friend Stew-bob and where my physicist husband was the featured speaker at the FEE conference sponsored by the Brookings institute. I also spent 10 days in Berlin this summer. My travels are legion.


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