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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not Some Wet Ophelia

Not Some Wet Ophelia

You cannot turn her into some wet Ophelia,
even if her gown drips pansies and the purple flowers of Diana.

She is not a Sappho fragment to be translated by some man
who thinks he knows her. Who thinks she only has one breast.

Who doesn’t care what Wittig thinks
or thought or wrote about language.

Pygmy chimpanzees are not patriarchal. They would tell
you that if you only listened, but you are too

busy, camellias bloom and die
before you even notice.

Her wedding gown is not a shroud made of dragonfly wings.
Her ring is not a sign of ownership—o.k.  who are we fooling here?

Maybe it is, but she is not owned like a McDonald’s.
You cannot franchise her, coat her in sugar for the masses to swallow.

She wears combat boots and pearls--
and if she commits suicide, it’s not about you, it’s for herself.

Photo Credit: Stewart Ferebee, "Citroen"


  1. I looove that first line! Of course, the whole thing is great.

  2. Matthew Castillo
    English 22
    13 February 2010

    He Needs It

    He doesn't need it
    His body isn't all that starved
    Just a cold shower (like an icicle through the heart), and then he's off to bed

    And then the memory of being fed
    Once being fed the fruits of lust
    Juices down chin
    But no, he doesn't need it

    And then the memory of being held
    Once being held so close, so warm
    Sweaty arms and big hands against his chest
    But no, he doesn't need it

    No, he doesn't need it
    His legs aren't all that cold
    Just rub them together- he just rubs his feet together- you don't need a match to make fire

  3. Jeannette Copas

    An Angel
    She awakens, forgetting she searches the room.
    As she moves, she screams for him.
    The dream was so real, she can still feel his touch.
    Where could he be?
    The tears gently roll down her face, as she longs to touch him.
    Where did he go?
    He is the only man she has ever known.
    She walks outside, his car is gone.
    What could've happend?
    Then she remembers.
    She will never see him again.
    Never touch his face, or feel that security.
    Never hold each other as the sun sets.
    Never whisper hopes, and dreams of being together 'til they grow old.
    He won't be there at his daughter's wedding.
    He won't be there at his son's games.
    He won't be there to see their grandchildren.
    One day she will see him again.
    One day after she is old, and gray.
    One day when her life is spent.
    They will meet again in heaven.
    Together they will be again.

  4. Alfonso Magallon

    How can I miss,
    those candy lips of endless
    sweet wonder
    so sweet to the tongue
    it's sick to the stomach
    In my mind, she is l
    like a reckless driver
    she pays no mind to
    the innocent heart that stopped
    beating as she struck it so deep
    Thief! return to me the the breath of life
    you so selfishly stole from me
    beneath the everglowing moonlight
    the tragedy of autumn nights
    of blood red hearts beating above
    the valley's tree lines
    the soft hands that could not
    help but starve me for
    the touch she left me addicted to,
    the lust after, and after,
    she torments me and yet, I love her
    still the fool I am, I am a fool
    for her!

  5. Gabby Hutchinson
    Eng 22

    Passion, desire
    Is what we use to have
    Understanding without words spoken
    Fit perfectly in your arms
    Then he was gone
    Emptiness and regret is all that is left

    Wasted my life
    Years dried up and gone
    The flowers have turned to grains of sand
    The sweet candy kisses have turned sour
    Pictures no longer hold happiness
    Words gone as if they were never there
    Except for the imprint they lay on my heart
    His song now a torturous melody
    His love now seems selfish
    I deserve better
    I will have better

  6. Maria Hernandez
    English 22

    Just a Memory
    As I sit here writing my feelings
    Upon this paper
    You have forgotten about me already
    As much as I try to hide it;
    It’s written all over my face
    Your warm embrace only exists in my memories
    I tried so hard
    To fight for something that wasn’t there
    How could I be so blind?
    Your heart wasn’t where mine was
    Somewhere we went wrong,
    Or was it ever right?
    Now you’re just a memory
    That lingers on
    I hate that you once cared;
    And even more that I still care
    I hate that you don’t even remember my name;
    And even more that all I ever do is sit and think about yours
    But I guess it wasn’t meant to be
    Now I’m stuck on stupid
    Trying to figure out how to overcome
    This weakness in hand
    It’s a game of Love
    And I have lost
    So I’m gonna walk away
    Only to never look back
    Erase the memories from my mind
    As I walk this lonely road
    Called Life without you

  7. Jeremy Provost
    Enlish 22

    "How I hate couple love"

    How I hate the date that every couple will set
    The 15th, the 7th, the 27th of whenever they met
    The loving hugs and “silly” stories and bullshit they share
    The snuggling and cuddling or how they “can’t help but stare”

    The stupid clichés that you always hear and see
    The “Darling”, “Honey”, or “Dear little Sweet Pea”
    The Fuckin’ passionate kissing and again those hugs
    Oh how much I hate how it bugs

    And how it seems to be everywhere
    Although it inevitably ends in hurt and despair
    And yet people fall for this little trick
    In the end some one is deemed “the prick”

    how i hate "LOVE"

  8. Jehan Valera
    a poem by C~7

    Missing you is...

    A beautiful smile amidst the troubled times
    I see your body laying close to mine

    Those pretty toes, your warm embrace
    Those gentle arms; such an adorable face

    From long flowing hair to a pair of supple breasts
    Oh how I so long to feel your tender caress

    Rolling hills of grass and flowers of alluring scent
    Reminding me of the endless times I've spent

    staring into your eyes, that mimic the hues of a pearl.
    Leaving me spellbound at how you view the world.

    With skin like fine wine, only gets better with age.
    Your intelligence is anticipating. Like my favorite book,I just can't wait to turn the page

    To reveal sweet fond memories of what I have
    You and I engulfed in the steam of a bubble bath

    Scents of your fragrance fill my being
    The deep undertones in your sensual pleasing

    The newfound love I cherish even from a distance
    So much of you to want but I especially miss this

    The times that we have shared that meant so much
    Have me waiting patiently to feel your touch

    From your soul to mine, I know that I can
    You are that rib that completes me as a man

  9. Francisco Ceballos
    English 22
    Bad love poem

    I am sitting here in my room
    An empty shallow hole deep inside me
    In debt due to the bright shiny rock on the finer
    Found out I over paid and it is not real
    I yearn for the lips as I eat this apple
    Juicy, sweet, but dam I need my glasses
    Uh a worm in it eww
    I wait but I know
    They are gone and never come back
    I know I have to file for
    Ch. 11 bankrupsy but in my heart
    My love will never leave me
    I hope. Oh no they did

  10. Andrei Juezan
    English 22

    In my perception I think I'm currently in a dilemma of some sort,
    but i want to abort and get out,
    I'm not sure if my emotions are playing mind tricks on me or
    if its just an indescribable situation of motivation that occurred out of no where
    that's drawing a thin line between love and friendship,
    with a very difficult explanation of how everything began but then again
    in my assumption i have a keen sense that she has the same exact feelings,
    feelings of how everything is being portrayed as of right now but then i wont allow it,
    but then again i have second thoughts yet again about these circumstances
    and that my mind is dexterously executing false hopes on myself
    with this prestidigitation of slight cleverness to content my hearts emotions
    which proves to myself that I'm a hopeless romantic,
    and I'm frantic its difficult to choose between love and friendship,
    while choosing one there's going to be consequences for the other
    so whichever i chose i have something to lose,
    choose love and having the apprehension of losing a friendship,
    or, choosing friendship and never be able to fulfill your hearts expectations for someone.
    though in my mind and in my heart
    i want those two to be equally balanced out without the perplexity of being bewildered
    or having the benefit of the doubt with our with out I'd just be thinking of
    myself because I'm portraying this as a perfect fairytale in my imagination
    without having any consequences or negativity at all so this is how it falls
    but none the less nothing in life is perfect and sadly its true but what else is there to do
    do i wait this out and let fate decide? or do i not hide and release these confessions
    and create my own destiny? only time will tell...........

  11. Michael Smith
    Eng 22

    It's over
    A suitcase full of bitterness and hate.
    A love forged in hapiness is now broken in sorrow
    A fight so petty that the cause is oblivious.

    He may be gone, but he's not forgotten.
    He pretends that he can't remember her.
    Pride is a foolish thing to be alone for.

    He regrets more than she'll ever know.
    Miserable Apart, Destructive Together.
    Is this all love offers them?

    The pain will fade with time
    Memories and feelings will start to go
    The wounds will close, They will both move on
    This circle starts again.

  12. Arjan Guevarra
    ENG 22

    I always do things to make you happy
    But you never notice things to make you grumpy

    I always cook a mouth waterin meal
    But you never taste how my lips feel

    I always show how much i love you
    But you never see how much i hate you

    I always say youre my girlfriend
    But you never hear how bad i want this to end.

  13. George Kurtow

    Your antiperspirant doesn’t work
    The stench of sweat from where she lurks
    Her face like cauldrons from old zits
    From clean and clear that’s not legit
    You are so lean
    Just like a twig
    No wonder you blend so well in the wood
    This stuff makes me feel good
    Talking shit about you is not absurd

  14. Saturday, February 13, 2010
    Eng 22
    Butterfly Kisses

    I hate missing stuff, well good stuff anyway.
    My memory is slowing and fails me sometimes.
    I always seem to remember the ones who have touched my heart.
    They are mine forever.

    I gather them in the arms of my memory
    And sniff their hair and taste their salty necks
    While I hold them tight against my slowing chest
    Borrowing the energy of their youthful hearts
    For a moment.

    Once changed Butterflies always die that way.
    But what is death when you've lived such a beautiful life.

    Butterfly kisses brush my cheek
    My wet eyes flutter.
    Your color is heavy on me.

    No one cares if one fleck of bright paint is missing.
    My wings are no less beautiful.

  15. Christian Briano
    Eng. 22


    Once upon a time I believed in fairy tales,
    a time in which we held hands and kissed and drooled over each other
    a time when we would love and be loved without any limits or objections
    when frogs would turn into princess as my pink dress would float in the million stars
    that surrounded my ever-innocent heart,
    when little naked babies would fly about with golden bows and shoot heart shaped arrows
    at the unsuspecting fools that walked about searching for their soul mates only to find them
    and be loved hopelessly by them,
    when the clock would strike mid-night and I’d have to go nowhere so I’d stay lost
    in the everlasting castle of your arms where we would dance the night off
    in the melody of our bodies and our hearts,
    where the witches, trolls and monsters would have no chance against my shinning knight,
    when dreams seemed reachable and innocence never-ending ,
    when the sun would rise with a song and the night would supply the moon and the stars
    as toys for us to play and make the world our play ground.
    Once upon a time your eyes would look only upon me
    lilies and roses and carnations and tulips would fill the room with their scent,
    once upon a time your skin would light my soul in an unconsumming fire
    to purify the spirit, to forever unite the hearts and intertwine the bodies as one,
    the time when I believed in the happily ever after that would supply me with never-ending
    happiness in your forever lasting love.
    Once upon a time, I was a fool.

  16. Oyuki Martinez

    When he came into my life
    The cold didn’t burn anymore. The darkness didn’t terrify me
    His smile made my blood boil so intensely. I became addicted to happiness.
    I handed him my heart in its entirety.
    “Je t'aime mon petit chou” I love you, my little cabbage, he said.
    “Moi aussi” I said and he asked me to be his forever.
    The distance between us was great, yet he was willing to sacrifice everything he had worked for to be near
    I loved him, but I would not have him sacrifice his future, his goals.
    He insisted, so I took my heart back. I didn’t want to be a hindrance
    I hope he understands one day that what I did was only because I loved him
    And that the cold burns me again and the darkness haunts me without him