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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When the Wind Ceases

Ophelia knows what it feels like, but you don't do you?
Fathers die when love blooms--
intensity like the insanity
of a bird of paradise all orange crowned and pointing.

She escapes to her herb garden
the only place isolation is allowed away from
the Panopticon                                the male gaze.

Her engagement apparent as she holds pruning shears in one hand,
rosemary for remembrance in the other. Snips and tends pansy faces,
listens and hears his voice                          {or is it from her chorus of voices?}
        "is that you?" she asks,
and hears him in drops of rain on a thousand leaves.

Ophelia stands in headwaters                      her hips buoy left and right
as though being bumped by exiting train passengers.
Rubber gaiters slick and seal-like, trout swim beneath
her reflected face                                 a dark shape above.
Prisms slick on silver skin swimming in thought-streams                      disappear
before the brain registers the image, an imprint here: 

not reality
this seeing and not seeing. 

Many wonders are beyond our philosophy.
Fish beyond reach.

Rapids bubble gray tracers               shadows of bears
stare at her back; she can feel them watching her,
       "he cannot save me,"
       she thinks in the gloam.

The water lifts her and she floats 
and says:
                                          "he still loves me,"
to no one at all;
except the cedars
who give many their ear
but no one their voice.


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  2. On The First Day She Made Birds
    I think that the theme of this poem is that people might see you one way, but you might see yourself in a complete different way.

    Ramon Garcia

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    Theme: Betrayal and Dishonesty

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    Theme: Flirtatious interaction and fear of rejection between two people.

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    Theme: The celebration of her daily schedule in a positive way

    Maria Morales

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    Theme: self-concious, believing in ones own will to surpass judgment of others.
    Antonio Cardona

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    Theme: prostitution to make a living; weaknesses challenges the dignity of women

    Rosa Villanueva

  10. "Green Corn Season"
    Theme: Deception; Betrayal of daughter to mother.

    Lizbeth Jimenez

  11. Anna Martinez
    "When the Wind Ceases", The theme of the poem seems to be of a young girl and her forbidden love. Her father against her relationship drives her to suicide. The author, Maria Teutsch uses alot of metapor and imagery in her poem.

  12. Poem: "Las Rubias"
    Theme: racial profiling, stereotype of American woman

    Alejandra Jimenez

  13. Mike Ongy
    Eng 1B

    "La Curandera"

    religion vs. family customs/beliefs

  14. "Operation Wetback"
    Theme: Deportation, Immigration, Regret

  15. "Green Corn Season"
    Theme: Mother to Daugther relationship and the comimg of age.

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  17. "Green Corn Season"
    Theme: Betrayal drom daughter to mother, and mothers guilt
    Cynthia Rodriguez

  18. Alisa Rodriquez

    "When You Didn't Have to See to Believe"
    Theme:fearing the unknown; breathing life into those fears

  19. "Repatriation"

    Theme: Discrimination and racial profiling toward immigrants. Abuse of authority.

  20. Anna Martinez


    Theme: Genocide and racial profiling by the government and persons of authority. The Chicano Moratorium in the 70's, killing of Ruben Salazar, the control of power and discrimination
    against those of "not in the box" of the power and privilege.
    (gender,race,poverty and disability)

  21. "Green Corn Season"

    Theme: Deception and Guilt

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  23. "Tisica"

    Theme: People quarantined from society due to the possession of the TB virus.

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    Theme: Dishonesty, Dissappointment and Betrayal.

  25. "Green Corn Season"

    Theme: Dishonesty, Dissapoint and guilt

    Martin Zarate