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Monday, October 25, 2010

Group Presentation Questions from Fire and Ink

Chicano Perspective Group Presentation
Click the above link to find your questions for each group presentation. These are student generated questions. I think you did a great job!


  1. Anna Martinez
    “The Lesson”
    1. The toy store was a place that the children had never been. Their world was the neighborhood, the ghetto. The children were not use to going to downtown department
    Stores, let alone taking a taxi.
    2. Poverty played a role in her being silent.
    3. It was an expensive toy sail boat, not the usual home made toy sail boat the children played with. The children compared the price of the sail boat to what their family could eat in a year.

  2. Pg.100 Daddy Blues

    1. What can be said about the relationship?
    The mother and the father at one time had a good relationship, but things are all discombobulated now. It seems that he was going out on her behind her back and she found out. So she's leaving with her daughter.
    2. What does language do within the poem?
    The language within the poem shows that there is a lot of emotion and unfinished business in this poem. The mother and father are separated for now, but will meet up in the future.
    3. How does repetition work in this poem?
    Repetition works in this poem because the writer of this poem repeats all that is important and in doing so, shows why it is important.

  3. Mike Ongy
    Eng 1B

    "Standing in the Elevator" by Minnie Bruce Pratt

    1. The author felt hopeless being stuck in the elevator as he feels like he won't see tomorrow.

    2. Everyone felt very relived when being saved because they weren't sure if they were going to make it out alive.

    3. To be honest, I wouldn't want a person cleaning my window shields because a part of me don't know them so I wouldn't want a random person cleaning for me. Another part of me feels like I shouldn't have another person do a job I can do within a few minutes so it would save me money.

  4. The White Skin Privileged pg. 125
    1. I believe not all people of white skin think highly of them self’s because every individual has different feelings and thoughts about their race. However there are those who think they are superior because they have white skin.
    2.White people have many privileges because there is a huge cast system in society light completed people are treated better then dark completed people.
    3. Through out history minorities have been enslaved, killed , mistreated and looked down upon because there has been many evil people through out time that install hate and greed in the world.

  5. Pg.81 The Lesson

    1. the kids felt weird when they walked into the toy store because they havent been in a place with beautiful toys.the kid havent been use to be around expensive toys that they couldn afford.

    2.when miss moore told the kids the cost of one of the toys Miss MOore asked htem how long'd take for Big Butt and junebug to save up their allowance, and the response was that it will take them too long to afford the toy.

    3.It demostrate that the kids were poor and living in a different neighborhood.

    4. the speaker meant by saying "aint nobody gonna beay me at nothing" because the neighborhood were their shoping wasnt dangerous like the places where they lived.

    5. the kids were amazed of the huge boat because they new that it was really expensive adn only rich people could be able to buy it and ride it.


    Pg.81 The lesson

    1. Why did the kids feel weird when they walked into the toy store?
    The kinds felt weird as they walked into the toy store, because they felt out of place. The kids were poor and did not have the money to buy the toys at this particular store.
    2. What did the speaker mean by saying that “ain’t nobody gonna beat me at nothing”?
    The speaker means that the rich may have a good start, but it that will not stop him or her from trying to be the best.
    3. Why was the boat so amazing to the kids?
    The boat was so amazing to the kids, because it was an expensive toy they all admired, but would never be able to afford it. It was an materialistic and worthless toy, but a toy every kid wishes to own.

  7. Standing In The Elevator pg.102
    1. It must have felt horrible being in there not knowing if you were going to make out alive.
    2. They must have felt relieved that they made it out alive.
    3. I would tell him to clean all of my windows for a dollar.

  8. The Circuit
    1.The fact that Francisco might have had difficulty speaking English was because he had spent so much time around Spanish speaking adults that all he heard was Spanish all day every day for an extended period of time.
    2.Francisco and Roberto hid in the vineyard because they ran the risk of a school official seeing them and reporting their activities to the district which will force them to go to school and their parents might have some trouble in their hands.
    3.I would describe Francisco’s family as a family that depends on each other to keep the family afloat. The men have to work in order to provide food and the mother has to cook for the men that come home after a very long day of work.

  9. Peace Grove
    1. The peace grove represents the idea that there can be peace. By planting the trees the revolutionaries stated that peace can grow from an ugly war such as a revolution.
    2. I think that the borders were built to keep peace between neighboring countries but in the process of keeping the peace the borders have also brought hell for those that cant cross it legally by taking away their opportunity to pursuit happiness.
    3. I think that one can leave in peace when they accept the fact that every place is like that. Everyone will experience moments in their lives where they feel unsafe by their surroundings. No place is truly safe but accepting that can lead to a better living by not expecting perfection from any place.

  10. Standing In The Elevator
    1.How did it feel to be stuck in the elevator while the building was being burned?
    Uncomfortable and Scared.

    2.After the cleaning guy opens the elevator how relieved did the guys in the elevator felt?
    A bit shaken up but were glad to get out safely.

    3.When the guy at a spotlight asks you if he could clean up the windshield for a dollar would you have let him clean the windshield?
    It depends on which intersection I'm at and if I had a dollar laying around.

  11. White Skin Privileged
    1. We all are from a different race, Americans do distinguish themselves from other races and feel superior because of their skin color.
    2. Privileges of white people might be getting better opportunities on jobs based on the stereotypical factors, for example, they look more responsible compare to an African America.
    3. People aren't judge as individuals because your race, and skin color play a huge role in how you are viewed by society, therefore we categozize people.


  12. The Circuit pg.173

    1. What might be the causes of Francisco's lack of speaking English?
    I think Francisco’s lack of English speaking is because he’s originally from Mexico, Jalisco to be exact. He was raised speaking Spanish and speaking English was not natural to him.
    2. Why do you think Francisco and Roberto hide in the vineyards when they see the bus passing by?
    I think Francisco and Roberto hid in the vineyards when the school bus passed by
    because they did not want to get in trouble for nor not being in school.
    3. How would you explain the importance of family in Francisco's family based on their economic status?
    The importance of Family in Francisco’s Family is great, due to their economic status. Its important that all the kids work to help their parents pay bills and survive in America.

  13. Alisa Rodriquez
    "White Skin Privilege"
    1. Due to the "white skin privilege, white ethnics fail to understand or see themselves in racial terms," so without the experience of the struggles of race, the white skin are without reason to distinguish themselves with a race title. More importantly, the white skin are in "the driver's seat," steering the wheel of racism; thus, there becomes no need to put themselves on the road of race.

    2. "White skin privilege is a birthright, a set of advantages one receives simply by being born with features that society values especially highly." If one is born white, the speaker feels that they do not have to deal with the race issue, the distinguishing of themselves from others, for at birth, they are already distinguished as being higher than other races.

    3. Within American society, coupious amounts of people, initially, see race not the person, so automatically, they stereotype the person based on the race or even the ethnicity they see, even if it may be the wrong one.

    "Cotton Rows, Cotton Blankets"
    1. Within this poem there are various themes: social injustice, giving voice to the voicelsess, and abusive authority, to mention a few.

    2. One thing the cotton blanket can portray becomes the result of work, for the farm worker's cultivate the cotton rows, and from this cotton, it becomes a cotton blanket, showing their work does benefit society.

    3. Due to the asbousive work conditions, the sense of community allows the workers to endure and feed off each other's perserverance, knowing they are not alone in the struggle for justice.

  14. Francisco Moreno
    Eng 1B

    The Circuit pg.73

    1.What might be the causes of Francisco's lack of speaking English? The cause for francisco lack of speaking english might be that he comes from a farm working family that their first language is spanish.

    2.Why do you think Francisco and Roberto hide in the vineyards? I think francisco and roberto hide in the vineyard so roberto doesn't have to go to school because he does not like school

    3. How would you explain the importance of family in Franciscos family based on their economic status? The importance in franciscos family is very big he really likes being around his family and is really important for the family of francisco to be around him because their economic status.

  15. Persimmons
    1. It is more important to know the meaning of a word because if you say words that don’t mean what they really mean nobody is going to understand you, you conversations and sentences will be non-sense.
    2. Yes anyone can learn more than one language and still have their native tongue as long as you keep using it.
    3. In school I don’t think it matters, but you will be good to have your native tongue because you will be able to communicate with more people.

  16. Cotton Rows, Cotton Blankets
    1.One theme of this poem is the unfair treatment of farm laborers. They are taken advantage of and have their basic human rights taken away just because they ware late for work.
    2. The cotton blanket portrays the workers sweat and blood, they worked hard to harvest the cotton that made that blanket possible only to have it turn on them making, them suffer more than they already are.
    3. Belonging to a community is like belonging to a larger family. A family outside of home on whom you can rely on to protect you and provide help in times of need.

  17. Thank You Ma'am
    1. The effects and consequence of poverty are that they can lead to illegal activity. Sometimes people get desperate when they are facing a desperate situation. As a result of this extreme situation they can loose their believes and become something that they don’t want in order to maintain themselves or others happy.
    2. I think that the size of Mrs. Jones represents the help that is out there to help the needy. I think that since the boy was going to commit a bad deed then that represents the needy looking for improvement in all the wrong places such as stealing as the young boy tried with Mrs. Jones.
    3. I have always believe that errors are the best way to learn because that is how someone is most likely going to remember something. If a child jumps in the bed and falls he is most likely to go out and not do it again and even warn kids his age not do it the same thing.

  18. Martin zarate
    Group 2

    The Circuit pg. 173
    1. What might be the causes of Francisco's lack of speaking English?
    The causes of the lack of Francisco’s speaking English may be because he’s family has to move a lot and he does not went to school for a long time. Also he does not practice his English a lot because he only speaks Spanish with his family and with the people he works.

    2. Why do you think Francisco and Roberto hide in the vineyards when they see the bus passing by?
    Francisco and Roberto hide in the vineyards because if they get cough working instead of going to school their parents may get in problems with the police.

    3. How would you explain the importance of family in Francisco's family based on their economic status?
    For Francisco’s family their family is everything they have they count on each other and look for each other.

  19. Martin Zarate
    Group 3

    1. “Persimmons” Pg.156

    a. Is it more important to learn the meaning of a word or to pronounce it?
    I think it is more important to learn to know the meaning of a word that way you are going to be able to communicate properly with others and they are going to be able to understand what you are saying.

    b. Can one learn the new language of the land without losing their mother tongue?
    Yes one can learn the new language without losing their mother tongue. By talking in their mother tongue every time speak it.

    c. Within the U.S school system, how important is it for a student to hold onto their mother tongue?
    In the U.S. school system it is not really matter is a student hold onto their mother tongue. But in a future it will be good to have a second language for example it could be helpful in a job.

  20. Martin Zarate

    Group 4

    Call me by my true name Pg.337

    1.Do you think there is a way around a life scarring event other than death?

    I do not think that there is another event scarier than death because no body wants to die. The reason is that ones you die you can never come back form it and besides death everything that happens in your life has a solution to it.

    2.What does it mean when the narrator talks about not being awake?
    When the narrator talks about not being awake what he means, is that society has their way of not making us realize everything that is really happening in this world. That we have too many distractions like the media that make us not really put a lot of attention to what is really happening. Also how we being teach to forget what is not convenient for us to be aware because we get only a certain amount of information. The information is the information that is convenient for the government to let us know.

    3.Does silence and nonparticipation create ignorance?
    Yes silence and nonparticipation creates a lot of ignorance. When people do not speak up they are not saying what they think an always following and doing what other ideas are. Also nonparticipation creates ignorance when people do not participate is like no knowing what is happened in the world. They are not award of what really is happened around them and they always go with the information they received but never with the true.

  21. the lesson pg. 81
    1. Why did the kids feel weird when they walked into the toy store?
    -they felt intimidated because they feel like they do not belong in the store.
    2. What did the speaker mean by saying that “ain’t nobody gonna beat me at nothing”?
    -the speaker is saying that no matter what happen, he is still a winner. Nobody can bring him down.
    3. Why was the boat so amazing to the kids?
    -the toy sailboat was too expensive. the cost of the toy sailboat can feed a family of seven. and with that money, they can buy much more important thing.