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Monday, December 13, 2010

Chronicles on Violence

The following series of poems is for publication in an anthology of 18 word poems. Each of the eighteen poets is submitting 18 poems. My poems are a series based on gender-based violence--a cheerful topic I know, but one which needs much, much more discussion. Here is a sample. Mark Cobley of Red Ceilings Press in the UK was kind enough to ask me to submit, check him out: The Red Ceilings

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies I

Floor of stones
where children sleep
to escape the heat.

Drone overhead
drops splinter bombs
shards of sovereignty

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies II

Call it freedom.
Small fingers point
a scoped stick at me.

spell my name
in spent shells

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies III

Spent shells

A foot here
A hand there.

Scream Maria.

I say
No more

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies IV

No more

no more
jack-boot theocracy

no more

no more
medals of honor

I salute nothing

Taliban Fighters

Her skin flowers
when battery acid
blossoms her face.

No school today.

Teacher’s tears
blur the kalashnikov

1 comment:

  1. Donte’ Mosley
    English 1B
    Mrs. Teutsch
    December 14, 2010

    I Succeeded the task, I enjoyed this Class/
    As I move on to the Next, I just hope I passed/
    Shit…English 1B wasn’t what I thought it would be/
    Man... Mexicans had it hard, I juss thought it was me/
    And I’m only 19 with a head full of knowledge/
    And I chose the right path when exposed to the college/ and when it’s all said and done ima make it worth it/
    Mistakes all the time, well, no one’s perfect/
    Ima speak my mind, plus that’s my choice/
    The mute button’s on hold, never silence my voice/
    Young dude with poise, plus he’s intelligent/
    You hate’n on da kid but your words are irrelevant/
    Ima do it big, cuz failures not an option/
    Full speed with the flow and there is no stopp’n/
    Now we at the party and it’s all about cheers/
    Thanks 2 Mrs. Teutsch cuz it’s been a good year/