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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ways to Divert Rainwater

Ways to Divert Rainwater
First shellac your hat. 
Affix it with tubes attached
to your belt.  Take tea,
empty remaining tubes
and go walk in the rain.

Feel the mud suck at your
shoes.  Gravity slurps 
laces off,  tongues
flap out in cotton fields
riven by the rain.  

Build scaffolds for your shoes. 
Go inside, take tea, 
empty remaining tubes
and go walk in the rain.

Build your roof in the shape
of a funnel. Take a bath, bring in your 
purple octopus with the suction
cups.  Affix it to the side of the tub.
Perhaps some pink bubbles.

After you dry yourself,
wait for the sun’s
diagonal slant.  Consider 
thirty-eight proposals for steep slopes.


  1. I love the imagery here and the how to aspect.

  2. I really enjoyed the second stanza of this poem. I like the images and the sounds of the words you chose.

    I picture the remainig tubes being those attached to our kidneys. Ha.

    The octopus and pink bubbles are nice touches of whimsy.

    Which way is the funnel roof pointing? Down into the house to gather water into the tub, or up to divert most of the water off the house?

    I'm not sure I understand the meaning of 38 proposals for steep slopes, although I think of the mathematical formular for slope: run/rise.