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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mother Contemplates Divorce at Creek with Son

Mother Contemplates Divorce at Creek with Son

Red-haired boy in pith helmet: “Shard of pottery forgotten by time. Draw me mom, draw a drawing of me.” Mother perched at edge of creek looks up from her reading.
            “Lookit this rock mom,” Walking through creek, stamps his feet on a sandbar, now wading over rocks into the shimmer and splash.
            “Lookit mom, something man made, whaddya suppose it is?” Ducks under a fallen tree, roots exposed like spokes.
            “Lookit this rock,” Throws it. Heavy splash, ripples percolate. Skips a flat stone, 2 skips.
            “See, isn’t this such a good idea mom? Lookit this skipping stone, it’s practically perfect in every way.” Skips 3 times, then bends to creek, comes up.
            “Lookit this rock mom.”
Mother looks up says:
            “It’s leopard skinned.”
            “Way to be a poet mom. Hey! Got my first decent skip. Dog truffle hunts under Mother’s chair, nose sandy, snorts, digs. Splash, clack of two rocks, boy examining intently.
            “It’s really light too . . . lookit this one.” Creek eddies to the left, ferns sprout from the embankment.
            “Oh my god, lookit this mom, it’s quartz, it’s pink, are you writing this down? It’s pink. You’re such a writer.” Pause, boy ankle deep, contemplating rocks. Looks up.
I’m glad it’s just us two here mom, cuz we get to keep all these treasures.”


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  2. Only the Checkstand Knows
    The sound of beeping echoes through the store. Customer walks up to Bob's checkstand: “Hey, Bob.”

    “How are you?”

    Customer smiles. “Just doing.”

    Bob laughs as he rings up items. “Doing what?”

    Customer laughs. “Just the 'I do'ing.”

    Bob snickers along: “Don't you wish you could have said, 'I don't'.”

    “Tell me about it.” Customer answers wearily. “We could have a whole day talking about it.”
    Bob leans forward against the checkstand: “Over a beer?”

    “It will take more than one!” Customer answers as he grabs his bag and leaves the checkstand.

    Carlo the manager walks by to the next checkstand: “Rudo, do you want me or you to drive to the AT&T?”

    Rudo looks away from his order: “Does it matter?”

    “I really want you to drive, your car works!” Carlo says.

    Bob smiles: “Why don't you take my wife's minivan? It has a sweet entertainment system in the back seat.”

    “No thanks.” Carlos snorts.

    “Do you have an extra ticket?” Bob pries.

    “If we did, we were gonna sell it!” Carlo replies and Rudo chuckles as he continues to work on.

    “So I can't come along?” Bob asks jokingly.

    “No.” Says Carlo with a big smile.

    The courtesy clerk walks on to the next order as laughter erupts among the men and customers stare blankly at them.


  3. The mother moves about her kitchen with ease. She swifts between the stove and the sink and begins to chop onions.
    "I don't like onions" says a voice coming from her knees.
    The mother looks down, sees the familiar black mop of hair.
    The daughter looks up with her Sally Jessie Raphael glasses.

    "They're good for you" says the mother. She grabs the cutting board, slides the onions into the skillet. Ttttsizzzzzzle.

    "I'm not gonna eat it"
    “Yeah, you are. You need it to grow"
    "Nope, I'm not" the daughter pivits towards the couch (Her ballet & jazz classes were paying off)
    Annoyed by her seven year old, the mother walks to the edge of the couch
    "You know, you need to eat it...or else..." she shakes her spoon, slinging grease on the glass coffee table.
    The daughter finally stares at her mom "nu uh."
    "Yeah you are. Or else you’re gonna die ….. like Michael Jackson"
    A bulb flicks inside the mother’s head.
    The young Michael Jackson fan turns away from her mother, grabs the remote control, “That's not how Michael Jackson died.”
    "Yeah, he died because he wouldn't eat his veggies" the mother spoke in her power house voice.
    "Nuuuu uhhh” the Michael Jackson fan begins to roll her eyes.
    "Yeah. He wouldn’t eat his veggies, that’s why he was so skinny and then he died."
    Annoyed, the daughter slides off the couch, "That's NOT how he died" her screams echo through the dining room and into the hallway of her room. SLAM goes the door to her bedroom.


    1. Interesting family drama. The mother comes across as manipulative and the Michael Jackson fan was calling her on her manipulation. You can tell there are deeper issues in the family other than a dispute as to why and how Michael Jackson died.

  4. Sisterly Advice:

    Young girl walks into her sister’s bedroom, closes the door harshly, and leans against it. “I’m mad.”

    Sitting on her bed, the sister closes her laptop, giving her undivided attention. “What happened?”

    “I hate always playing what Rachel wants to play, I’m getting sick and tired of playing characters from shows all the time! I want to play on the monkey bars and the swings…” Walks over and sits on the couch in the corner of the room.

    Sits up and leans forward “Have you tried telling her what you think and how you feel?”

    Jumps up, “Yes! But she doesn’t listen.” Sits back down “I told her that today we should play on the monkey bars for once but she didn’t want to, so I left and played without her. I don’t want to be her friend anymore.”

    “Well I think you should try telling her tomorrow that friends don’t always do what one person wants to do, it has to be fair and it has to be equal. If she doesn’t want to be fair and play what you want to play too, then I think you should start playing with people who don’t always play one game and wouldn’t mind playing what you want to play too. What do you think?”

    Turns her head up with a happy smile “I think your right, thanks sis.”


    1. Boy do I know this story. My neice, is Rachel. It's interesting trying to guild from the other half of the story. In short, I quickly identified with the characters in your play.

  5. A woman wearing a plain blue blouse watches her father laugh uncontrollable through a two-way mirror. A doctor enters the room.

    “Miss Hernandez,” he approaches the woman. “Would you like a ride home?”

    “N-no,” she hesitates. Looks at the doctor, continues, “I think I’ll stay a bit longer.”

    She looks back her father’s face mashes into the pane of glass. There is a loud cracking noise as his face makes contact with the glass. The woman and father make eye contact; he tumbles backwards. His laughter grows louder, a tear forms in the woman’s eye.

    The woman’s face is now full of tears. She tries to wipe her face clean, the tears come again.

    “Miss?” The doctor has concern in his voice. “Would you like to go home, or...”

    “Just, leave me alone.” She whispers forcefully, footsteps, the woman is now alone.

    The father’s mouth is contorted into a retched smile, his eyes become a lazy stare, and his whole body twists and turns, trying to escape the stray jacket.

    The father continues to laugh with tears streaming from his face. His laughter becomes much harder, and more constrained. His laughs become less and less, until finally they slowly, slowly stop.

    Two orderlies enter to take the smiling, limp body away.


  6. The Part was wrong
    Gonzalo, stomping feet, opens door into Javier’s office: “What happened to my part?”
    Javier looks up surprised turns to face Gonzalo: ” What part are you talking about?”
    “The lamp for Joe Malone’s Body shop?!” Gonzalo leans further, bangs right hand on door frame.
    “What do you mean the lamp? The Toyota Yaris?”
    Knocking on door and somebody attempting to open door handle.
    Both turn to the door, both answer simultaneous: “ Not now! Give us a minute!”
    “Yes the Toyota Yaris. He needs to get this car out today and no light. This is what I am always talking about. I get a new account and purchasing blows it for me. How am I supposed to make my commission and meet my quota of new accounts? Come on seriously….come on!”
    Phones are constantly ringing. Other employees are walking by looking through the office window.
    Javier turns to his computer and begins to use the computer keyboard facing the screen, continuous tapping of keyboard.
    “What are you going to do about this Javier?! This can’t be happening. Come on!”
    “We will fix the problem. I need you to call the customer and let him know we will try to find one locally or worst case we will overnight for tomorrow. Calm down it is not the end of the world. It will be alright.” Javier releases a sigh.
    Gonzalo walks away, opening the door, door slams.

  7. “Where are you going?” He picks up his pace to keep up with her.
    “I need to grab something from the cafeteria before my next class.” She ruffles through her bag to find her wallet. He pushes the door open for her.
    She walks through without looking up from rummaging through her bag. He follows and stops short when she pauses to open the wallets side. She exhales heavily through her nose in annoyance.
    “What’s wrong?” He steps to her side. She looks at him as if she hadn’t noticed him before.
    “Need cash from the ATM.” She gestures with her wallet to the ATM on the wall and starts walking toward it. He follows quickly. She tries to pull her card from her wallet, but the bag is heavy on her arm. She grunts and drops it carelessly to the ground.
    “I could have taken it.” His wounded feelings expressing themselves on his face.
    “No, I’m good.” She succeeds at extracting her card. Her hand stops short from the card slot, a look of irritation spreads over her face.
    He glances at the screen that reads “Out of order.” She puts her wallet back into her bag and jerks it off the ground, slinging it over her shoulder and she walks away. He runs to catch up.

  8. Coolin’
    Jacob walks from his class to the library to see his friend.
    “What’s up?” Jacob asks.
    Jacob waits for an answer as his friend is glued to her Iphone.
    “Oh hey” Amanda replies.
    “Let’s go get something to eat?” Jacob asks.
    “I can’t, I have practice plus I have to go workout in an hour” Amanda replies.
    “Oh alright, well never mind then.” Jacob responds.
    “Yeah, we should go get something to eat tonight” Amanda states.
    “I’m down for that” Jacob says trying so badly not to smile.
    “Ok, well I have to go, txt me later” Amanda says with a smile.
    “Maybe later” Jacob responds with a chuckle.
    Before Amanda leaves for her class, Jacobs hugs her from behind and whispers in her ear that she is beautiful.
    Amanda and Jacob both lock eyes and smile as wide as can be.

  9. Little girl leans on aunts bed. “What do you think would sound better, Sami Jones or Sami Smith?”

    Aunt looks down from her work. “I think Sami Lipsig sounds better. It’s what makes you a part of this family.”

    Tears form in the girls eyes. “I want to change it. Nobody can say it right. They always mess it up calling me Sami Lipstick? I hate it!”

    Aunt sets her work down. “Sami, you have to be firm with them and say ‘My name is Sami lip-sig.’ If they know it bugs you a lot they will keep on doing it. Just be calm when you say it, act like you are just correcting them if they mispronounced any other word.” Aunt helps girl onto bed.

    Girl falls dejectedly against aunt. “It will never work! I hate our name!”

    Aunt kisses girls head, “Kids sometimes tease each other. It’s not nice and sometimes it really hurts. The trick is to correct them without letting them know they are getting to you.” Girl grabs cat sleeping at the end of bed, hugs it tight to her chest. “You have to know in your heart that your name is something special, keep it special to you and it will hurt less when kids tease.”

    Girl sighs, “I didn’t know kids would mess up my name when I got adopted.”

    Aunt hugs child and sighs. “I know angel.” The dog barks, the cat wiggles to get free, the little girl runs after it.

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  11. Mike and Carlos sit in a typical teenagers room playing video games. mike is into the game while Carlos seems lost in thought.

    Carlos," hey bro you think that Jessica would gimmie a chance if I won a million dollars."

    Mike turns as if though the comment slapped him in the back of his head, "you Fucken kidding me he'll yeah. I would give you a chance for a million dollars, although I'll tell you right now with the economy being how I t is I doubt you'll have me or her for too long."

    "Well, you know what I mean don't be a buzz kill, if I invest it I could totally double it no time." Mike stops what he's doing and stares at his friend with the intent bring him back down to reality, but then can't help see his friends innocent attempt to get the unobtainable.

    Instead of reacting with a realistic response to bring carlos's dreams to a crashing stop mike slowly pauses the game and turns to Carlos. "Look bro people are people and the truth is if you had a million dollars you'd gain temporary friends, but that wouldn't change who you are. In the end your going to be who it is you are and once the wight of the money is not their to anchor those temporary people they'll be gone. Shit even I'd leave you hanging."
    With that said there was a long moment of odd silence which mike broke with the rip of a fart. Instantaneously they both began roaring with laughter and fell to the floor.

  12. "Can I help you with something, sir?" asked the lovely Sales Associate

    "As a matter of fact" I replied "Yes you can. I'm looking for a really good cologne, any recommendations?"

    "Well this one (point out a cologne) is really popular, and the guys say their girlfriends love it, so maybe yours will too" emphasizing on that last part

    "Yeah I'm sure she'll love it, just one problem" I say. "What's that?' she asks

    "She doesn't exists" I say with a smirk, making good eye-contact in the process.

    She somewhat blushes, trying hard to hide it, before replying with "Well, when you decide to take someone one out, I'm sure that lucky girl will love your scent."

    "Lucky girl, huh"

    "Yes, lucky, a good scent on a good-looking guy, definitely a plus." she cleverly answers. "This girl is good" I think to myself as she's slowly reeling me in

    "I just might purchase it, though I don't have any dates planned anytime soon and I certainly don't want it sitting around." again with my little, albeit somewhat cocky smirk, ironic for a generally shy guy like me.

    "Well you never know, one might just be a lot closer than you think."

    I smile, "what's your name?" She answers. "Lovely name, fits you perfectly." Blushing definitely noticeable at this point.

    As I make the purchase, I can see her wanting to say something but can't get to it, and as I being walking away, I say "Hey." She quickly turns around with a smile, "Yeah?"

    "Have a good night, oh, and my name's Alex." ...With a great smile I walk away, because, as Walt Disney himself once said, "Always leave them wanting more."

  13. Happy Birthday, blah blah…
    Mom: “I was gonna get you a different bag. It was really expensive!”
    Daughter: “On, well I like the one you got me. It’s kick-ass.”
    Mom: “The other one was really expensive…”
    Daughter: “Oh? I don’t care. I like the one I got. It’ll match everything.”
    Sister nods in agreement.
    Mom: “The other bag was like eighty dollars. It was nice. I really liked it, but it was knitted. You know, like hand made, with visible stitching. Really nice. I didn’t know if you’d like it.”
    Daughter: “Hmmm…I like stuff like that too.”
    Mom: “…”
    Sister pauses. Silence.
    Daughter: “…But, I probably would have ruined it if it was handmade. Dragging it to school would have destroyed it.”
    Mom: “Yeah, and I didn’t love it. But, it was nice.”

  14. Mother and daughter driving; Mother relinquishing control and allowing daughter to drive.

    “You know I really can’t tell you the difference between you driving a month ago and you driving now. It’s surprising.” Mother looks at road ahead with stern expression.

    Daughter slows to a stop at a red light and looks over proudly at her mother. “Thanks Mom. I never really thought I would be so comfortable driving like I am now. I know I’ve only had my permit for a short time, but I really like driving.”

    Daughter tries to make eye contact with Mom but has to look ahead when the light changes to green. She babbles on while her mother sits in the passenger seat silently.

    “I knew I would always kind of like driving because I like being in control, but I never thought I would like it this much.” Daughter fondly remembers playing with remote control cars and is hoping she’s doing everything right so Mother won’t have anything bad to say.

    While the daughter focuses on driving straight and watching the lights ahead begging them to stay green so she can go through, the mother looks over at daughter and she considers her comment about control. Then she says thoughtfully, “Well, you are my daughter.”

  15. Nephews are the best

    Young girl sitting in her living room feeling blue because she had a argument with her best friend over the phone.
    Sounds of her nephew playing video games up stairs in the back ground.
    The nephew becomes bored and decides to watch television with his aunt (Young Girl).
    He runs down the stairs singing Sponge Bob song.
    He sees his aunt looking a little blue so he sits down next to her.
    He asks her "what is wrong ? you look sad"
    The young girl tells her nephew "nothing just had a argument with someone"
    nephew asks "With Who?"
    Young girl replies "my best friend"
    Nephew replies "Aw i'm sorry"
    Young girl replies " its okay"
    Nephew get up and turns his back on his aunt
    The aunt asks him "what are you doing?"
    Nephew farts on the aunts face and runs upstairs laughing
    Aunt begins to laugh
    just like that she realizes her problem isn't that serious.

  16. A father and his oldest son are outside working on the son's car

    "I don't understand why your brother is always complaining that it's unfair how he never gets anything" the father tells his son

    "What do you mean?" the son responds, looking confused.

    "Well the other day he was telling me how no one ever buys him anything and how your mother choses to spend her money on other things that aren't him." the father says as he searches for his wrench.

    The son angrily says "What the heck is he talking about? I just took him to the store to buy new clothes since he was saying that he dresses 'too gangster' and wanted to change his look!"

    "You see what I mean! On top of that, your uncle just took him to buy a new jacket and your aunt bought him his new 175 dollar pair of Jordans!" the father says as he looks confused that he cannot find his wrench.

    The son sees the wrench sitting behind his father "The wrench is right here, dad. I don't understand why he is complaining."

    "Well, I guess it's because your mom bought your sister something she needed and when your brother asked later that day if she can buy him a hat, she said that she didn't have enough money."

    "I don't know, man. I mean things can be a whole lot worse than not getting a hat." the son says as waves to his neighbor

    "He says that's unfair? I got a letter today saying I owe 500 dollars to the government because someone messed up on my taxes from last year. Now, I can sit here and complain how life is unfair and throw a fit. Or, I can suck it up and pay the 500 dollars." the father says as he closes the hood of the car

    "You're right dad. I just wish he'd understand that. Thanks for helping me fix my car. Where would I be without your wisdom of advice and knowledge of cars?" the son chuckles.

    "No problem. Now, lets go inside, grab a beer, and watch the game" the father responds as the two walk inside

  17. A. Rendon

    Girl opens car door: I LOVE YOUR CAR!

    Driver: Thanks, me too. I love it more than most people. Are you ready?

    Girl: Yeah, of course. I’ve never had brunch before, I’m pretty excited.

    Driver: Yeah, me too. It’s been a while for me, too.

    After brunch, drive to a liquor store

    Driver: What do you want?

    Girl: Anything, what do you want?

    Driver: This isn’t about me, this is about you. Stay here. I’ll get us something good.

    Driver returns to the car with a bottle of Cherry Coke and Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum.

    Girl: You know all the good stuff! Where have you been all my life?

    Driver: I’m going to take care of you.

    Girl: Where are we going to drink this?

    Driver: Here, right now. Go ‘head and start.

    Girl: You’re so crazy!

    Driver: Thank you, I get that a lot.

    They head out onto the freeway, making sure to stay between the lines and drive the speed limit. Half an hour later, they arrive into town.

    Driver: I’m going to take you home, okay? Call me if you need anything.

    Girl: I can’t believe you’re going to leave me here at home alone! All by myself!

    Driver: Don’t worry, I got a couple things to take care of, I’ll be back if you need me.

    An hour passes.

    Girl: Where are you? I’m still home by myself!

    Driver: Don’t worry... I’ll be there soon...

  18. A tall teenage boy walks into his sister’s room: “Why can I see Adele’s shirt under her dress?”
    His sister looks up strangely at the young boy. She rolls her eyes and sits up straight on her bed. “If that’s what your paying attention to, then you have no soul. Listen to that voice, she’s Ah-Mazing!”
    He rolled his eyes right back at her. “She isn’t all that great. The Script should have won a Grammy. They weren’t even nominated.”
    “Hey, I love the Script just as much as you do. But you can’t deny that Adele’s album was the best creation by far.” the young boy sighed.
    “Your such a girl.” his sister stared at him with confusion, raising an eyebrow at him. He walked towards the door but turned to look at her before leaving.
    “You hear a pretty voice sing about heartbreak, and suddenly she’s a great.”
    “No hun, you’ve got it wrong. It’s the voice that really makes me love Adele. Her lyrics are just icing.” he snorted in response and left out of her room, closing the door behind him. The older girl smirked a little and turned up the volume to hear Adele hit the perfect high note as she sang ‘Rolling in the Deep’.
    “Ah-Mazing.” she chimed to herself.