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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mexican Wedding Poem

Mexican Wedding Poem

He looks for her from the water’s edge.

She rows down a green river,
wears a purple dress and turquoise leaves.

In the bow,
a basket of strawberries
and warm bread wrapped
in a towel embroidered with poinsettias.

Yellow poppies spill over.

As her foot leaves the boat—

The red ribbon in her hair
flies in the air like a cardinal.

but before it reaches the shore—

she closes her eyes
and jumps.

Maria Garcia Teutsch 


  1. So beautiful seems I heard that read before overlooking Big Sur surrounded by love.

  2. I love it, It Leaves me wondering....what did she do to herself? did she kill herself? or simply go for a swim? All the colors described sure remind me of Mexico or a Mexican fiesta and her going down the river makes it sound so peaceful. I love color because my father is a painter and believes that a home shouldn't have white walls, he feels that they look too plain and color can bring a lot of joy, so when I began reading about all the colors like the purple dress and the red ribbon It caught my attention, I had a big smile on my face.

    G.N. Martinez