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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

She Used to Talk so Much God Language


She Used to Talk so Much God-language

She traveled inside a hole.
She shouted and pointed
her gun of daisies.

Look as she becomes
smoke around the rooftiles.

She talks tigerlily
with antennae like thorns.

She used to talk to god
at a pew of park benches.

Thought god saw her under nape of moonlight
writing letters on breasts in ink.

And now?
She travels inside a smaller hole.


  1. I don't know anything about religion, but with my background; in my perspective, I'm religious, but when something bad happens I tend to walk away from religion and leave it into my hands. The way I read it that's how I took it. When you used thorns. But thorns was the material of the crown that Jesus wore on the day when he was crucified. And the "nape of moonlight" reminded me when Jesus was praying in a forest., when he was loosing faith.

  2. R, Schlotthauer
    -this poem shows how easy it is to blame someone for things that happen in your life instead of taking responsibility. God plays an important part in many peoples lives, they believe that he is watching over them and protecting them as well as telling them right from wrong.

  3. While reading this Poem, at first I thought the girl was religious and judgemental. When she said she pointed her fingers, I though they were judging hands, but towards the end of the poem she says she travels in a smaller hole, which to me it means she is more hubmle, and God taught her better. It is a diffiucult poem, but very beautiful.


  4. This poem has a lot to say in my point of view, and also difficult to understand the real meaning behind it. The way I see it is that it talks about god so I assume god helped her become a better person and achieve the problem there was from the beginning and because of it she learned from it and now she is able to take that knowledge and use it when in need.

  5. As I read this poem it brought me to a place where I thought of it as the girl not only going through depression but also going through trials and tribulations. My understanding is that she thinks that because of her going through this things God should see and help her through them. But as for me not being a religious individual but being more of a person who is building on my relationship with God know that we should let him know of those certain parts of our lives that we are having difficulty with. So to me this poem was not only about depression but of having hurt inside.


  6. The first few lines seem to speak about a person who is pointing fingers and judging others, but the tone seems to change about halfway through the poem. She starts attending church, gets a tattoo of god on her breast. The last line could be interpreted in a couple of different ways. I think that she has been buried, and no longer able to judge others.

  7. I tried depicting this poem earlier this month and I didn't understand it too well. But now, it says more to me. I've never been a religious person, I've been to church a number of times, but even then it's usually for holidays or a death in the family.
    As for the poem, I feel like it's mostly about change, and how this girl is no longer the girl she used to be. And in a way, I can relate to this completely.
    But reading other people's comments I can be completely wrong.
    Hendricks said that it's about a girl who starts believing in God.
    While my interpretation is the complete opposite. But this is why I love poetry/art.

  8. This poem is definitely like abstract art. It was hard to understand the depth of the words, although I think its talking about a girls relationship with God. The girl is going through a rough time are god helps her through it, but then she falls back into her bad habits. The girl falls back into her habits and so she back into a smaller hole. The moral of the poem that I received is when you are going through a rough point in life have faith in God, I need God.

  9. This poem clearly has different meanings for every one commenting. For me, it took quite a while to narrow down the different options regarding the whole dilemma of the poem. The poem makes references to the protagonist being lost in a bigger hole at the beginning of the poem. In my perspective, the protagonist is dead and is wondering where she fits in the picture. The poem makes reference to her becoming smoke. The protagonist is lost and is fighting to figure out her place in the new, big, empty environment by shouting and pointing which means she is questioning her new environment in the big hole. The poem does a good job at describing the location by adding flowers that might be around which include the daisies, tiger lilies, thorns hence making reference to a cemetery. The protagonist believed that since he/she spoke with God, he would protect her and she realized she was dead soon after she traveled in a smaller hole since there is not as much empty space and questions around her.

  10. This poem certainly requires some re-reading and thinking to be able to understand its message. The girl pointing with her gun of daisies seems to allude at her being angry but at the same time innocent. At the end, when it says that she is inside a smaller hole can mean that she found peace and doesn't need much to be content.

    E. Villicana

  11. When I first read the poem, I found it slightly difficult to understand. This is only because I haven't read a lot of poetry so I am getting used to understanding the way words are used. The first few lines gave me the impression that the girl blames everyone and everything else for the bag things that happen in her life. She used to be a church goer and even tattooed religious words on her body but now, her faith is not as strong as it was before. She is now in a smaller hole.
    D Olguin

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  13. I am not so good in understanding poetry or interpreting it. This one was a challenge for me. What I got from it is that there is a girl that seems to hate and blame everyone around here. She seems lost in her world. Some how she turns to god for help to control all that hate. She began in a big hole full of anger and hate then found god and she was still this angry girl but with the help of god she was able to control that and her whole got smaller.

    J. Rojas

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  15. D Rios
    Initially, as I began reading this poem it seemed positive however after reading it a couple times it became obscure. It's an abstract way of writing since it talks about positive things such as daisies, tiger lilies, but quickly follows with gun and thorns. All in all, what I got out of it is a girl who goes through a change, seems to have been in a hole at the beginning of the poem and ends up in a smaller hole which to me, is worse than how she started.

  16. CSolorio
    This poem was really difficult to understand. I had to read it several times in order to understand it better. People might interpret poems differently because every person sees things from different perspectives. For me, this poem is about a girl who ended up in a worse place than she started out. At the beginning of the poem it says that she shouted and pointed. I believe this is saying that she was a person who talked about other people and judged them. The poem also states, "She talks tigerlily/ with antennae like thorns" (lines 6-7). I believe these lines are trying to say that good things did not come out of her mouth, so it was mostly negative comments. The poem also says that she used to talk to god To me this is trying to say that she she stopped believing in god and that is why at the end of the poem it says that she traveled into a smaller hole. I believe the smaller whole represents a worse place than she started out at because she stopped believing in god so she is in smaller place because of all the negative things she does, like judging others. So, to me she ended up in a worse situation.

  17. I think that this is one of those poems where various people can find different underlying messages and come up with their own meaning hidden within it. With that being said this poem does have some universal qualities in which everyone can relate to. This poem brings fourth a conflicting theme of religion and personal beliefs. The main idea that I drew from this poem is a conflicting feeling of trying to keep your religious beliefs despite feeling like a hypocrite for sometimes doing things that the given religion may not approve of. I think that this topic discussed in this poem can be is an overall topic of sinning and then repenting because of an inavoidable guilt feeling that we draw from our own religious or even moral beliefs.

  18. This poem is kind of difficult to understand for me. It seems as if the girl is having a hard time trying to keep her beliefs and what people around her say from staying in one path. She tries to stay with what her religion says but since there is other opinions that surround her it makes it difficult for her to know which one she should listen to. Since it begins with her being in a hole and ending in a smaller hole it could mean that she stayed believing in her religion or it could be the other way around.

  19. I found this poem very difficult to decipher. Upon further reflection, I appreciated the use of language, it has a very "coming of age" feel where the girl is growing up and is experiencing the world with new eyes. Also coming to terms with a loss of faith? I imagined her all alone having to face life. Good stuff.

  20. (This is a second attempt to post - last attempt 10/30/13 10pm)
    I read the poem many times attempting to understand what the true meaning of the poem. But in fact I have come to realize that communication can be as this poem--unclear. The poem might be interpreted differently by each reader. As for me, I understand this poem as a sign of loss of faith. I am religious to an extent and I believe that we live our lives as our parents have taught us and how we choose to live it. I was taught to believe that hate is bad, good wins overall and God is always there you just need to be patient. But as life happens you learn that praying to God only does so much for you and your life. We also need to look at ourselves and take accountability to what we have control over and what our faith can do for us. As an individual of faith there are two choices whether continue praying or give up on "God" or religion all together.
    What I interpret in the poem is the following:
    Girl prays to God, does good, but feels that she is no longer heard and no longer worthy. Sadly she has lost faith and now the she is small in this world.

    Juana Veronica Aragon