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Friday, October 4, 2013

Far Enough East just released their 2013 issue!

Check out the new issue here: Far Enough East


  1. JStephens
    The word “throat” always stops me because the sound actually comes from the throat. It is like using the word “love” with a Russian accent. I liked the euphemism of “ribboned hands” instead of saying bloody. The poem is setting up the dynamic between something graphic, like killing a goat to use it, and the banality of something that graphic in African life. I also like the “orange flames eat the black cookie of night.” It resonates with me because it is a different way to explain the darkness of the night.
    Another dynamic I saw was between the title, using “killed” and the poem, using “slit”. “Slit” is more personal and graphic whereas “killed” is a little less developed. The irony of the purse being given to Amy also resonates with me.

  2. I grew up seeing my grandma killing chickens for dinner in our ranch she will put the chicken upside down to drain all the blood out so it normal to me and don’t find it disgusting . Amy sounds very young around 13 -16 years of age and knowing that it’s a African tale children were always involve specially women to learn to cook in such a young age. It may sound graphic but in reality that’s their life style and it’s normal for a girl to kill a animal. One of the things that it’s mention to not use the testicle, you never use the testicles from any animal you have to throw them way right away because they contain a liquid that is bitter and can’t spoiled the rest of the food. I found it very interesting how the poet mentions it. “Orange flames eat black cookie of the night” when I read that line I imagine fresh cookies out of the oven that was such a good metaphor to compare it with the night.

  3. "The African Tale: Amy Killed a Goat" dramatizes the feats a young girl must accomplish to become a woman. Killing a goat, carrying peanuts on her head, and digging an aqueduct are her accomplishments that I imagine a young African woman would need to know. "They celebrate with drums..." tells us that their is a celebration of Amy's womanhood. They gave her a soft, pink purse filled with petals characterizes items that would be pleasing to a woman. "Then she flies away" signifies that she's transformed. Although this poem is about killing a goat, I see a deeper meaning that's dramatized. Amy has become a woman.

  4. JYonemitsu

    This poem contains a lot of relatable imagery. For example the hanging of the goat draining its blood reminds me of a time a friend of mine showed me a deer they hunted. They also hung it to drain the blood to make it easier to skin the pelt off the animal. You can easily imagine her slitting the goats throat and the blood running down her hands. I agree with James that the use of the word "slit" instead of just the word kill is much more visual and developed in this poem.

  5. David Hurtado

    The poem "The African Tale: Amy Killed a Goat" is very creative in the way it portrays images the verse that caught my attention is the testicles to make a purse because it reminds me of an episode of man vs wild starting Bear Grylls. Well in that episode Bear Grylls slits the testicles of a camel and eats it, however in this poem the goat is used for a ritual in my opinion.

  6. EArredondo
    The African Tale: Amy Killed a Goat is a very detailed poem. Throughout the poem I was able to have an imagine in my head for most of the lines. Having to kill a goat must be some experience, I can only imagine what Amy is feeling. In line 21 "Then she flies away." I feel like Amy is transitioning into another stage in her life.

  7. MMendoza
    The African Tale: Amy Killed a Goat reminds me of when I was in high school (in México). I attended a type of school where they teach us how to make different products. For example, in the area of fruits we learned how to make jelly and other products. In the dairy area we learned to make different types of cheese and yogurt and finally in the meat area we learned how to make jam, sausage, and many more products. But it was not it, we had to kill the pork's by ourselves. This period lasted a year and although I learned too much, it was a very sad experience so that is why I identified with this poem because what I most remember is when we had to cut the pork's throat and let it bleed to death. Definitely a very cruel and sad experience!