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Friday, December 31, 2010

Best/Worst List

Best Food:
The Edge Restaurant, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia-the Tri-Ceviche was to die for.
Flagstaff, Boulder, Co. Great service, great wine, yummy food. I had the pan-seared halibut.
Paris/Moskau, Berlin, Germany
Le Central, San Francisco-real French Country cuisine
Mix, The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
Biggest Poseur Place to eat:
Manresa, Los Gatos, Ca. Gave new meaning to fish stew, no stew was harmed in the making.
Best Outfit:
Tracy Reese dress with my old combat boots for the Ping-Pong release party at the Beat Museum, second only to the Anna Sui dress with the super high Stevie Nicks Jeffrey Campbell boots worn at the Happy Ending Lounge for east coast release of Ping-Pong.
Best Concert:
Arcade Fire at the Henry Miller Library
Best Opera:
The Magic Flute at the Berlin State Opera House, (Staatsoper Unter den Linden) 
Best Castle:
Hohenzollern in the Schw√§bische Alp
Best Potato Pancake:
Munich, Germany at the Christmas Market, the people were Russian who sold them to me. Man, that was good eats.
Best Laugh:
Camping with my son River in Big Sur when we were starving and he tried to pretend he was part of our neighbor's family to get food. You had to be there.
Best Shoes:
Still the Green Metallic Dior's, second are my Moschino Booties.
Scariest Moment:
Aside from family concerns which are none of your beeswax, it had to be walking into our bathroom in St. Lucia to a giant brown tarantula.
Best Hotel:
1. Rasa Sarang in Batu Ferinnghi
2. Suite at the Palms in Vegas-the view from the glass corner room was great from the tub.
3. Suite at the Hotel Rivington-city scape with two bridges.
4. Tikaye Village in St. Lucia, not only were we perched right on the cliff edge of the bay, but we had a hammock and two rocking chairs with little stools to rest our feet on.
Best Pool after International Flight:
Hotel Adlon in Berlin, Germany, underground and all white marble. They gave us little snacks and Bloody Mary's-yumm.
Best Massage:
Rasa Ria in Borneo, Malaysia, they start you off with a scented bath with flowers floating on top.
Best Poetry collections I read this year:
Collected works of Cesar Vallejo.
Dark Things, NovicaTadic
Mr. Cogito, Zbigniew Herbert
Saints and Cannibals, Christine Hamm
Ruin, Cynthia Cruz
Quarantine, Brian Henry
Best Poem:
The First Line is the Deepest, Kim Addonizio
Best Books:
The Millenium Trilogy, Steig Larson
Stones into Schools, Greg Mortensen
Love in Infant Monkeys, Lydia Millet
Best Magazines:
Homestead Review
Best Wine:
A French burgundy we drank with Neil and Michele in Boulder at the Flagstaff, now that was some good wine and good food. Really, every time we get together with those folks good wine is had.
Best Reporter:
Jeremy Scahill (and foxiest)
Best News Coverage:
Democracy Now
Best Humanitarian
Dr. Denis Mukwege at Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Brandi Walker
Amy Davis Kruize
Best Library:
Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, Ca.
Best Fashion Reporting/blogging:
Krystal Simpson at What is Reality Anyway?
Best Blog Exposure of a horrendous act of hubris:
We Who Are About to Die, regarding the Paris Review's decision to not published those poets who had already been accepted by the previous editor. Ego much? The sun has set on the PR as far as I'm concerned anyway. After George died, so did the beating pulse of the magazine.
Best Husband:
Best Son:
My boy
Best Sister:
and my sistas: Suzanne, Jamie, Amy, Melanie, Krystal, Christine and Brandi-san.

Worst Taxi Service,
San Jose International Airport in California. Can you say misogynist?
Worst Food:
Chinese Buffet on the corner of Water and Market in Santa Cruz, vomitoidnal.
Worst Outfit:
I didn't wear it I can promise you that. I wasn't really into that meat thing Gaga wore, but I like her.
Most Condescending:
Mainstream publishing houses and their old boy networks
Talks the loudest and makes the least sense:
Glen Beck
Worst Oil Spill:
BP-they should be boycotted.
Worst news coverage:
Fox of course, it is for those who like their news reporting to be baseless, senseless and full of as many logical fallacies as one can think of.
Worst Shoes:
Crocs in every color, if you're not gardening, don't wear them--they are an affront to every foot in the world. Well, babies look cute in them, but hey, they look cute in most things.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chronicles on Violence

The following series of poems is for publication in an anthology of 18 word poems. Each of the eighteen poets is submitting 18 poems. My poems are a series based on gender-based violence--a cheerful topic I know, but one which needs much, much more discussion. Here is a sample. Mark Cobley of Red Ceilings Press in the UK was kind enough to ask me to submit, check him out: The Red Ceilings

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies I

Floor of stones
where children sleep
to escape the heat.

Drone overhead
drops splinter bombs
shards of sovereignty

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies II

Call it freedom.
Small fingers point
a scoped stick at me.

spell my name
in spent shells

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies III

Spent shells

A foot here
A hand there.

Scream Maria.

I say
No more

Afghanistan and Iraq, with Apologies IV

No more

no more
jack-boot theocracy

no more

no more
medals of honor

I salute nothing

Taliban Fighters

Her skin flowers
when battery acid
blossoms her face.

No school today.

Teacher’s tears
blur the kalashnikov