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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Monday June 25th, Philip Glass, Joanna Newsom and Tim Fain did a benefit performance for the Henry Miller Memorial Library.
Below is the blurb I wrote for the program notes. If you are interested in donating to the Library's capital fund go here: Capital Fund for Henry Miller Library 
Days and Nights Festival and (((folkYEAH!))) Present
Philip Glass, Joanna Newsom and Tim Fain
The Warfield Theatre
Monday, June 25, 2012
There are stories to be told without
words, and lyrics that yet unfold in the
hollow corner of your heart, a space you
did not know existed until the bird of song
unfolded her wings there. And you felt
a truth in this wind created by this beat
of wings, this beat. Philip Glass, Joanna
Newsom and Tim Fain weave such musical
stories. Through their music something
rare and beautiful emerges. Emily
Dickinson said hope is a thing with feathers.
What these amazing bards will leave
you with tonight is not so much hope, but
a passage wherein you can find the way to
your own personal truth. This is a mythic
musical journey you are about to embark
upon. Enjoy the ride, it’s a magic carpet
you tread upon.

Maria Garcia Teutsch
Board President
Henry Miller Memorial Library

"Music is the can opener of the soul."
Henry Miller

Friday, June 1, 2012

Reading tomorrow night in L.A.!

Check out the
Latest Blog post by the Henry Miller Memorial Library

wherein Mike Scutari once again outdoes himself with his verbal repartee. This event promises to be epic. Will post pictures. Will listen to the entire soundtrack to L.A. Woman while driving down there. Will pass the ocean: sea oats, otters, pelicans, Monterey Cypress; then farmland: lettuce, lettuce, grapes, grapes, tumbleweeds; then climb the Grapevine, look at houses perched on hill tops, and finally arrive.

See you there-Maria