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Friday, November 19, 2010

Chronicles on Violence

The following series of poems is for publication in an anthology of 18 word poems. Each of the eighteen poets is submitting 18 poems. My poems are a series based on gender-based violence--a cheerful topic I know, but one which needs much, much more discussion. Here is a sample. Mark Cobley of Red Ceilings Press in the UK was kind enough to ask me to submit, check him out: The Red Ceilings

Chronicles on Violence I

Grandpa’s daddy raped his mother.
Here’s an X for him.

No peonies.
                                           El nopal.      
                                                         Whiskers burn.

Never speaks.

Chronicles on Violence II

Never speaks again,
tongues a torture of words.

He sutures her lips
with black thread
a silver needle

Chronicles on Violence III

Uses a silver needle
to cross-stitch his name.

Cross beams
cannot support

what he plants
with his fist.

Chronicles on Violence IV

With his fist
Vato loco

tightens a red bandana
around your throat.

A tattoo of
your name bleeds.

Chronicles on Violence V

she unties
the goat of the past.

A rat’s skeleton
crunches underfoot.
His dark shadow
rustles black.

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