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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Local Poets, Local Inspiration!

The Santa Cruz Weekly chose my poem, Sparkle in this week's Local Poets, Local Inspiration section, check out the link below. Here's the poem:


At the edge--
            spotted stones
                        and roiling kelp.
The day facets me in its diamond.
            Wind-chimes are silent,
Buddha’s stone head bows.

A gap in the fence could tell--
                                       mouth opens,
               closes on a dahlia,
on a rosebush stripped to thorns.

A beheaded sunflower stem
holds a hummingbird’s silhouette.
Bees comb and primp the blonde sky.

            Waves fall down--
spotted stones
and roiling kelp.
        Shadows slink and slip
with the earth’s music.
                    With a mouth full of stones, I sing.

Local Poets, Local Inspiration

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